CM3HD – Sneak Preview

So another project kicked-off and finished (soon available in the shop) .. Sneak Preview of the Conceptronic CM3HD. A basic Full HD MediaPlayer with HD (no network) and playback for many video formats. MKV, M2TS, AVI etc. etc. (even PGS) is suppported. Chipset does not support WMV.

3 thoughts on “CM3HD – Sneak Preview

  1. quattro ..
    the CM3HD is een ODM project based on AMlogic
    under the hood of the firmware many many functions have been changed / improved and optimized. ;-)

  2. quattro says:


    the original firmware is already well done.. for a cheapo noname product.

    with your improvements, this will be great!
    I\’m looking forward to see this one in action :)
    Is there any information allowed to be available about the price?

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