oh oh …. Mediamarkt

2 years after publishing some ‘mediamarkt playboy’ images on my weblog I got an official letter to have it removed. If not I would receive a penalty of 5001 euro .. Naja..

hit this link

2 thoughts on “oh oh …. Mediamarkt

  1. HSishi says:

    Check the “declaration of discontinueance” before you sign it and send it back.
    Luckily for you they wrote you without consulting a lawyer; a lawyer would assume a ridiculous high financial loss you caused, like in copyright acts (P2P-shared music and such).

    Basically it’s the formula “we paid for the photos when they were made .. so don’t leech them or, at least, ask us.”
    Of course they don’t describe it with these easy-to-understand words …

  2. they kindly requested to remove. There is no reason why I should not do it. I even have removed weblog entries about it, they did not mention. This site is a hobby with no intentions to break law. Images were found on the net and without the nudity directly visible put on a page.
    I even forgot about that page as it was up there already some time.

    it was a very very short declaration .. they can only complain I did not fax (I do not have af fax) it but send them a PDF by e-mail.

    thanks for your comment

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