Message to self: No Sound & IMMERSE

Seems that release group IMMERSE is using updated version of MKVmerge causing some mediaplayers not to output the sound correctly anymore. CFULLHDMAi has no update firmware yet. So watch out when watching on TV ;-)

6 thoughts on “Message to self: No Sound & IMMERSE

  1. Jan Hoogsteen says:

    Same problem with releases of JUST4FUN-TEAM.NL ???
    (using CFULLHDMA: however info screen shows audio information, no sound output)

  2. RDC says:

    (Quick) workaround is to use something like txMuxer to remux it to m2ts (or something else). Worked for me. Not something I would like to keep doing, but for now it’s a workaround.

  3. fred says:

    It’s the global tags element in the mkv that is the cause or possibly header compression being applied to the audio track either way running it through MKMerge leaving out the glogal tags sorts it for me.

    A pain in the ass in my opinion and minus points for IMMERSE’ releases.

  4. vasgyuszi says:

    I’m affected too (Warehouse.13.s02e05.720p.hdtv.x264-immerse.mkv)

    But I’ve just needed to re-mux my good old mkvmerge v2.6.0 and nothing else, no converting or anything else. I’ve put the mkv file into the iput files field and pushed on start muxing button. That’s all.

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