Psst: We are still blogging !!

Wow .. just looked at they archived AroundMyRoom since 2001 and WAUW .. every single entry I still have. Blogging more than 11 years and still keep blogging about things I enjoy.

Yesterday I installed Windows 8. And I am using it now .. Started in the IT when MS-DOS was exchanged for Windows 3.11 and where Windows 95 was a huge turn in how a PC was being used. Now with Windows 8 Microsoft tries it again. A totally different approach than before. I have to get used to that .. Change .. Change

I wonder how long I will keep on blogging. After 11 years the updates are not that much anymore, but hey, we do have Facebook now, we do have Twitter (did you know I do archive all my tweets myself and is part of this weblog !) and many other social things like Foursquare ..

Keep tracking this website, nice things are going to happen. Especially as I am watching Shark Tank now ;-)

One thought on “Psst: We are still blogging !!

  1. GBi says:

    Well if the windows 8 tiles will works, then apple already invented it. Im working on 8 on my desktop, but i prefer windows 7. 8 is really for tablets and phones.

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