CFULLHDMA: 1.12.04 [official release]

1.12.04 release notes

firmware 1.12.04 will be released through the official channel on monday 1/12/08
Beta testers can have the please to use this version today. (check your e-mail)

We had to make another firmware as some bugs were found causing the official release not to be postponed but we needed to have these issues fixed.

What we did fix for the 1.12.04 version?

  • Fixed subtitles: srt not to be shown correctly on some files which include “.” in the name
  • Fixed some issues on photo display. Some jpegs could not not be displayed. (side affect 4:3 issue)
  • Fixed NFS not to play ISO correctly.  (Pressing play on ISO file: nothing happened, you needed to press down to open ISO file to select video_ts)