NZBGET & enhanced UNPAK script

Last week I installed NZBGET and used a simple postprocess script unpacking downloaded usenet stuff. I found another script from ‘Ydrol’ .. which was created for the PopcornHour. Altough this script is not perfect and have same ‘issue’ as the older postprocess script this script is very enhanced. It is smart, it makes connection to imdb and it puts stuff is special folders .. WAUW ..

The script has 1 bug: if you download multiple DVD’s in one NZB and they have same folder structure (like *.rar and video_ts in it, than the files will be overwritten, so names of rar files were (are) not taken into consideration

I have created a tar file with all the original files and the files I use for the CH3SNAS. It are the modified unpak.cfg & files. Put the 2 files in the /ffp/etc folder, check the file properties for alter the nzbget.conf file to process (not  and restart nzbget ..

I have altered paths so that you use /mnt/HD_a2/usenet/* folder the files to be stored.

Downoaded files will be put in a category name, an unsorted folder or movie, erotica etc.. hardlinks will be made for New or Recent stuff .. WOW .. 

try it and if you have some suggestions to fix the ‘issue’ or any other changes you might worth to mention, do not hesitate to use the comments ..