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Last week I wrote Justin about a bug with his plugin and phpadsnew. No direct solution. No problem for me, cause then I am looking for alternatives. And to be honest: I found a much more suitable plugin for this PlayGround.

So I found info at Sons at Skadi about Extended Live Archive and now I use 0.10beta R18

From the site: Some time ago, Jonas Rabbe released his wonderful Super Archives Plugin. Based on an idea discussed on Binary Bonsai, this plugin implements a dynamic, AJAXified way of digging into the archives of a blog.

And that is what we do now. I am happy. Broken archive problem solved. The only issue left is that I think that after writing a new entry the cache is totally rewritten and/or a very slow index of that archive.

Zombies, httpd, WordPress, Archives & exec-php

httpd is showing me a lot of zombies the last 2 or 3 days
when checking with ps -aux I see apache …….. “[host] <defunct>”
checking pstree -lp I see that httpd is creating them

httpd is |-httpd(9773)-+-host(10896)
       |              |             |-host(10966)
       |              |             |-host(11015)
       |              |             |-host(11117)
       |              |             |-host(11518)
       |              |             |-host(11591)
       |              |             |-host(11709)
       |              |             |-host(11873)


top shows me:
382 zombie processes at this time.

Of course I can restart the httpd process (which is does itself every night)

but I want to know; what are zombies, what are they doing and does it hurt?

if it’s not something okay how to get rid of it ?

It’s probably due to ‘WordPress Weblog’ software as I see the live – hits an checking the zombie counting with TOP
Some hours later: I found the issue. Zombies were created due to an incorrect configured plugin (smartarchives) together with the exec-php plugin. the directive to the archive folder was incorrect. The mod_rewrite did show a page.. but .. not the correct one I just discovered (duhhh*) ..

fixing path, restart httpd .. tadaaaaaaahhhh (still some zombies there but not that much).  Seems that more people have this issue. In certain situations, which are unclear, the zombies appear. with following crontab you can remove them:

*/10 * * * * ps auxw|grep apache| awk ‘$10 !~ /0:00/ {print $2}’|xargs kill -9 2> /dev/null

so to make long story short … I think I have to live with it, or someone must have an alternative solution