Achievements ……

Again proud of things I achieved.. A ‘competitor’ in the NAS field has implemented the functionality of private cloud like I did more than 1 year ago already. it seems the NAS market is monitored closely. How is this an achievement?: I made it happen that a company decided to step into a challenge for them to embed a great software tool into hardware. Without this request and development, this would never have happened. Still proud having negotiated a great deal at CES Las Vegas.

Although I am happy, its still sad I am ‘in between jobs’ right now, due to a reorganisation :-(

D-Link just announced (dutch link) the DNS-320L Sharecenter 2 Drive NAS including Private Cloud.
The implementation of this cloud software is the same as for the Freecom SilverStore 2-Drive, the NAS I developed.

Just got some info that it’s not the DNS-320L. .. But ok.. the app in the iTunes store is telling me that some device will have it ;-)’

Update #2, Forum of Dlink USA is talking about the DNS325 and the cloud function .. Yeah .. that’s it..

Update #3, the Android appstore reveals even more

My friends of Codelathe did a great job impelementing their software in the new NAS of D-Link .. (my friend at the factory did a good job as well) ;-)

So, any NAS vendor who will hire me as a ‘(Technical) Product Manager?

Buffalo, IOmega, Western Digital, DLINK, Lacie, Seagate, QNAP, TheCus, Synology: here I am ;-)