How the Music Industry is fucking up

From a mailinglist: some 2 years ago you paid $ 1.49 for house tracks when ie. ordering from Due to Apple music store this became $1.99 for the latest tracks in 2005. From 2006 it is possible to download 320Kbps MP3 files but if you pay $1 more you could get the wav file.

Now Beatport upgraded to version 3.0. So are you living in Europe? Ah .. Euro-Style. Living in UK? UK-Style. Rest of the world in Dollars.

So as of today $ = €, so a track is €. 1.99 and for special ones: € 2,49. Wav format? Please add € 1 more please. So check what you are paying for 1 single track in ‘best’ quality. That’s even more than a single-cd.

If it was good quality it could be reasonable but the recordcompanies are messing up: encoding is bad, quality is bad, mastering is bad. What if you get bad quality? it is extremely hard to proove it’s bad quality and get your money back.