CH3SNAS with Squeezecenter / Squeezebox howto

Some persons asked me if it is possible to have SqueezeCenter running at the CH3SNAS

After long time writing: nope, it’s not possible we finally have a howto how the CH3SNAS can work easily (kuch)¬†with SqueezeCenter 7.2

The correct installation you can find here, please notice the 4.2.3 section where the DBD::MYSQL package needs to be installed, you have to use the alternative compile option. the normal Perl Makefile.PL rule is not compiling on the CH3SNAS, you need the longer rule with alternative references to the libraries (libs).

When you follow this walktrough completely you have a working SqueezeCenter software server running at your CH3SNAS. A big thanks to Yannick for his great howto

note: you need to create a squeezecenter user on the CH3SNAS otherwise you cannot chown certain files.