Timelapse with Unifi G3 Flex camera

I am a timelapse ‘lover’ and I like to make timelapses. Problem mostly is that I do not have the time  or patience to setup a camera put it on a slow moving rail and watch things happen. Hell I even do not have the proper software tools, but still a fan in search to make simple timelapses around this house.

Last month I bought a Unifi G3 Flex Camera. Its a PoE (Power over Ethernet) Camera connected to my wired network. I placed it outside in front of my home. In front of my house there will be a construction site soon and I want to see if I can make a timelapse during the build of the new appartments what will be built there. So the experiments began.

First I search for a Linux shell script to take images from my Unifi G3 Flex camera. I found one on github and altered it to my needs and re-published that on my own github I am still testing several settings. Cause if  you want to catch images from a construction site over a very long period of time you need less images a day than watching moving clouds what needs at least 1 image every 30 seconds.

So check my github if you want to see the script and see here a youtube example made with the script and ffmpeg