CFULLHDMA(i): Undocumented Special Feature

Ok, requested by several users, but never being implemented until I discovered the function. I have to kick someone ..

Hell: the function is unsupported, non documented, but it is working (as it seems)

What function? Youtube Search … WOW .. ;-)

Go to your iMedia screen, hit the Youtube function, see the standard options and hit the MENU button. Enter your search and your keyword will be search within youtube. If you search for aroundmyroom you will find my short movie: ‘flowers’

Youtube and MySpace have to pay millions to the record industry

Record companies like Universal, who first use myspace or youtube for free promotional space for bands now demand millions for ‘potential’ losses.

My message to those Record Companies: first make sure you have your ‘masters’ proper stored and make sure the CD you release is properly mastered. What can I do when I feel ripped-off when hearing a vinyl copy on a CD? Without fans you were even not able to release music in utmost best quality because you (the record companies) cannot find where the original master is. So is it only about the ‘copyrights’? or can we as buyers also ask you to give us proper material?