In the old days.. I listened to Curry and van Inkel, a famous radioshow from Veronica at Friday’s. 2 records after 8 PM, or the other week 2 records afer 9 they played a ‘Minimix’ by Ben Liebrand

The last week of that year (From 83 to 92) Veronica played the Grandmix made by Ben.

Nowadays I’m still a mix, remix, yearmix fan. The mailinglist for mixfreaks is maintained by me. This year I had the idea to maintain also a page to track all yearmixes made by DJ’s here in Holland and Germany.

WAUW !!!! what a party time this year. Have a look !

psst. My girlfriend is connected wireless (IEEE 802.11B) to my network and is listening to my Mix/Remix/Yearmix MP3’s. Life is beautiful.

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