802.11b news

Last week I contacted my manufacturer cause I was not happy with the Wireless AccessPoint. Tested 2 samples, both those were not okay due to an unstable wireless connection.

Message back: “after long searching why you had the problem we discovered that a new collegue from us send you samples from an earlier batch. We will send you 2 new samples.. .”

And so: today testing the new sample and YES!!!! big big improvements.

I’m happy (again).

3 thoughts on “802.11b news

  1. Dennis says:

    Gaap? Net wakker? eerder naar bed gaan en minder drank drinken..

    Die kaartjes kunnen van alles zijn.. ben niet zozeer direct merk gebonden .. Pak wat ik krijg, ga dat testen en bepaal of ik dat goed vind.

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