Shopping Bag Stick ‘Ut Stokje’

Sometimes people think up wierd things to fill their weblogs.
Somebody came up with the Shopping Bag Stick. That person handed it over to someone else.
From Ramon, to Razende Roeland to Adam and Adam handed it over to me
Uch ..

Today: I went to Ikea Duiven to do shopping (New Bedroom causes you to buy new stuff to sleep in .. Unfortunately: we did not find anything we liked..

So . Yesterday’s stuff.

– 6 pack Grolsch Lemon
– 2 times 6 rolls with sandwich filling (roast beef aka schaamlippen)
– eggs
– 4 bottles of Grolsch beer

Martijn: You are next up. Keep it in the family they say always
No brother, no sister just some second cousin who’s blogging.

*** News Report Update ***
The Initiator entered a comment.. UCH !.
As long as you can read Dutch: here you can read WHY we have a ‘ Shopping Bag Stick ‘
Let’s call it that I was in a hurry yesterday .. I forgot totally.

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