Today I played with DRUPAL
Drupal is a content management system as PHPNuke, but has the ability to use different kind of rss/feeds and other nice features. If I’m not allowed to make the comparison between those two: tell me.

I like the page of Remco
However I am really a fan of Moveable Type. If it’s possible to add feeds in the next release I think I keep using Moveable Type. The problems I have is (as always): my feel and look of my AroundMyRoom pages. ;-)

2 thoughts on “DRUPAL

  1. I worked with Pivot
    – Pivot does not work nice on a cobalt (PHP troubles)
    – Pivot had some troubles and kept having problems on my server especially when entering new posts
    – Bob wants to develop Pivot but has lack of time
    (still no update after 2 or 3 month’s.
    – I need a system which is suitable for my needs
    – Pivot is not supporting XML/RSS

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