Sometimes XML/RSS is very cool
This morning I found a link in the XML/RSS feed of Curry, but he did remove it or did not list it on his site or it’s an error ;-)


Worth to mention… Big Laugh

Holy Fcking Sht. Yesterday I got an anonymous email from someone telling me they had submitted a link to my WGirls to Fark.com. Usually this site gets about 9,000 hits/day and transfers about 200,000 KB of data. Yesterday this site got about 756,000 hits and transfered 8,177,443 KB of data. My limit for the month is 5,000,000 KB. So I’m WAY over and I’m going to have to remove the WGirls so the site doesn’t get shut down for the rest of the month. Don’t cry though if you haven’t seen them. I’ll figure something out.

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