” Stars ” are not unreachable

Celebrities aka ” Stars ” (in this story) we make them, but they are just like you and me.
When I was young I looked up against some persons in the music industry. You do when you are a little teenager and you like that person. You are a fan.
Internet was far far away and you thought: “the stars” are unreachable..

10 years later. (or even more)
My old heroes: you can mail them, they mail back. You setup some things and they say: Hey Dennis that’s cool and thanks and put your name on a CD inlay ;-)

Than .. you speak your momm .. Did you saw her on TV.. She’s cuteeeee!
So Vanessa: here you go .. you are out(dated) ;-)

In the old days there was no way for communicating in this particular way with ‘ fans ‘ or with other people. Now you can. And when you do it’s just one e-mail away from you. Especially elder people like my parents can hardly understand this. Especially when you say: Mmm I wrote today with her husband

Use the instrument with caution. ;-)

” Stars ” can be reached.

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