Question for Curry:

Daily I’m thinking about the new radioshow of curry and jeroen (Kidv). Cause I read the page of Curry and you read the developent (little) how the format will be. It is starting March 8. How will he interact with the listener through the radio and Internet?. It sounds to me very interesting.
The biggest question for me will be: will there a saved mediastream? (does not matter which format) which will last for one week.

I think when you host a show you will always have items which will a subject every week. You want to have a live input, interact with the listener. During and after the show.

How popular can the show be when you can serve also those people who were not able to listen on that Friday (like me .. ) I surely know that when I can listen to the show in my own time I can give the input or other things in my own time. Maybe that’s not the total idea behind the show but .. input is always accepted they say.

This is the first trial: trying to reach curry by RSS. I know he has my feed ;-)

One thought on “Question for Curry:

  1. Hey Dennis,

    I’m not quite sure myself, I certainly don’t want to try to invent anything here, just feeling out sme ideas at first.


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