Google indexing https

Dutch ‘Voelspriet’ discovers that GOOGLE is indexing HTTPS websites

From the Google Website:
“Your pages are not publicly available: Google only indexes publicly available web pages. Secure sites (https:) are not included in the Google index. ”

Bad bad bad Google

2 thoughts on “Google indexing https

  1. Dennis says:

    For me it’s totally not a problem what they are indexing. But as this was a dutch report I was thinking: why not trying to get response from abroad by RSS or whatever kind of syndication people use to see if other people want to react at it.

    Okay my weblog is little, not well known but it’s syndicated .. the effect will not be that big (yet) .. Would be fun to see it back on daypop

  2. It’s bad they don’t seem to know what they’re indexing (although the website might have just been out of date), however the fact that they’re indexing HTTPS is great!

    Same rule applies all the time: if you don’t want it indexed, don’t put it publicly accessable on the internet.

    Oh, and add a robots.txt files, since Google appears to respect that.

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