MTN quits SMS service

The end is here. MTNsms will stop its service 5th of March.

hundereds if not thousands SMS’s I’ve sent through this network. More than one year ago my girlfriend and I did send +40 or even more messages on a daily basis. (There was a time the number of messages to be send was unlimited).

Together with a good friend of mine we build the SMS Agent. Using the service of MTN we used ICQ and MTNsms to send quickly and fast SMS messages with a W32 application. Almost unlimited! Cool testing and usage. People went crazy. So much SMS messages they did receive from me [lol]

This was COOL. Than Dutch network providers did quit the service (they did not accept MTN sms’s anymore (due to costs). So that was my ending of using MTNsms ..

People of MTNsms: thank you! You took care of free communication between my girlfriend and me during my 3 month trip in Australia and New Zealand.
You connected me to people I had lots of fun with. It was awesome. And yes the service worked!

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