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:: day 2 ::

Cebit is not open yet. However we see press and we improve our booth
Everything is ready. I still use the internet connection of mitac. Nope. I did not ask if I could use it. I call this ‘ Free Internet ‘

Nearby our booth we see Acer. Acer has a very very big booth. This will cost a lot of money. Is that a reason why they will close factories in Holland? 400 people will loose their job.

Okay back to work. Installing some systems, notebooks and maybe a wireless network with WEP encryption ;-)

Found a much faster WiFi Internet connection (here in Hall 2) it seems it is from our neighbours: PALM [G] with SSID: 101
Nope I do not tell you which company I work for :-) try to find out. I will be here till friday. Saturday I will travel back to Holland.
Yes you can shake hands if you want ;-)

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