Sorry [newsfeeds]

I’ve noticed myself that running a CVS version of Drupal has a number of problems/bugs I cannot live with (but that’s normal of a CVS).

I saw some sitecloud bugs (my page was not mentioned to be updated)
I was not able to import my own newsfeed for the last 15 items, but only 2 items were displayed. This gave a lot of irritation. As I only want to run a nice newsfeed site I am back to the 3.02 version of Drupal. Unfortunately I have to enter all the data AGAIN (4th time or so .. )

Okay so I have to do something tonight :-)

2 thoughts on “Sorry [newsfeeds]

  1. Uhm, backup anyone?

    Running CVS is tricky to say the least. I managed to knock my own site offline for a couple of hours today because of a tiny bug that would stop non-registered users from viewing my site.

    If you don’t want to take the risks, don’t run a CVS copy ;-)

    Ofcourse you *do* miss out on all the goodies that way…

  2. Dennis says:

    Remco: you are right. A site like this, without having knowledge about programming/php etc.. you should not run a CVS version. I know right now LOL

    But I try to test the CVS at another domain
    to see what’s different.

    So maybe I keep testing :-)

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