MAD – 802.11b Wireless

Sometimes when I read articles I can become very mad. Especially when I see failures of other people. GRMBL. Today I read an article about wireless were I am quoted way out of line . That dude does not know anything about wireless. I’m a little pissed. Standard Atmel/Intersil solutions under XP do work flawlessly. Okay Intersil does not follow the 802.11x rules of Microsoft XP but it does work. Only use the correct SSID and correct network settings and it must be working. Within 5 minutes !!

If there is interest I can make some nice firmware public. 1.4i1 for a Atmel AccessPoint Solution or version 1.3.4 firmware (not the 8c3) for PC-Card intersil 2.0 PRISM chipset solution. Working almost out of the box under XP/W2K or 98/ME. With cool features for XP and solving a number of bugs. Cause no product is ever bug-free.

The problem Í have with people writing an article about those kind of stuff is that they get an assignment, try to find some sources and than try to write an article without knowing what they really do.

But okay.. that’s life. That’s work. That’s business. Next time: better luck.
Tomorrow it is Tuesday. Mondays do suck always.

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