A lot of changes at today.

– updated the MT rss/rdf templates.
Lucky bastard I am: the update of the templates took care of the problem that the feed was not able to be added within radio userland.
today I got a message from Niels that the RSS 0.91 template of MT is Radio proof right now.

– added the rdf icon and rdf links and
– took care that the whole website has the same ‘left’ menu bar.

– changed the category xml template. The left menu xml/rdf link will connect the user to the right category xml-file link. So I’ve 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 different XML feeds which are related to my categories.

So if you are only interested in the Art & Images category stuff; you can subscribe to that feed with any kind of RSS/XML tool (ie. amphetadesk) by adding the nr. 5 link I gave.

It took some time, but I’m really happy with it. Cause you have to remember:
It’s news when it’s syndicated !

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