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  1. hi,

    i didn’t find an email address, so i see myself driven to abuse your comments function to ask you a question. i just read the thread on the mt-board about i-mode and checked out your i-mode page at http://www.aroundmyroom.com/blog/imode/. looks pretty i-mode compatible at first glance, but what do you do about the jpeg’s displayed on your “normal” blogg ? i-mode can’t display them, do you have any way of automatically cutting them out of your postings for your i-mode page ? my first i-mode try is here: http://www.nanoblogg.de/index2.html
    greetings, stefan

  2. dennis says:


    AFAIK pictures can be used in I-Mode
    I do not filter and I cannot filter them
    so you have to try it.
    This is just a very simple html interface

    Actually I’ve never tried my site at a real I-Mode phone. Just an emulator..

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