Buying a house

My girlfriend and I are looking for a house in Apeldoorn/NLD. Not a rental one, but a house we can buy.
However: try to find one which suits your needs is difficult.
Not really difficult but trying to find one which you can pay is more difficult and as a “starter” even almost impossible.
How the hell should I pay €187.500,– K.K. (buyer pays costs) for a house which I like?
We are starters. Both are working. No debts.
I do not want to cut in my expenses for living: eating, drinking, going out, sport, holiday .. Cause if every penny has to go to the bank to redeem the mortgage.. nah..

So I’ve no idea. Maybe waiting for the price to drop or wait for a sugar-daddy or a person who does not like money anymore and wants to give it to me.

Or shall we just stay in our 4-room rental home which is €350,– (girlfriend is correcting me) a month?
Psst if you are THAT sugar-daddy: you can use paypal for this at the left side of the screen. (But I do not think that it is going to happen)

Psst (2) If you have any tips, idea’s .. thanks!

10 thoughts on “Buying a house

  1. simple.. stay in your 4 room rental. Why for chr#st sake would you want to buy a house in the Netherlands now that the prices are so high? The time you paid the house (when it is actually your’s) the house prices are down again… go figure…
    I live in Amsterdam, you won’t believe what the prices are doing here… There are all nuts… I’m going to sit/rent this one out. I’ll just have to buy a satellite disk and I’ll blend in naturally… (yes, it’s one of those neighborhood’s)

  2. hj says:

    Just my 2 cents about this subject:
    A friend of mine is renting a house too,and in the same position as you are in:buying or renting.But he will stick to renting,just because of the higly overrated prices today,and the forecast of the house-prices going down in the near future.

    Funny thing is,he is a real estate broker himself :-)

  3. Frank says:

    My GF and I live in Amsterdam (North), renting a 3 room appartment for €450. We both work and would like to buy, but also like to keep the things we have now… going out, sport, etc.
    First thing.. where do we find a house we like?
    2nd.. How the hell are we going to pay?
    We’re definately not going to buy a house that’s smaller than what we have now, but each bigger house we’ve looked at is way to expensive!
    I guess we just have to wait till the prices drop or till we win the lottery (and we’re not even playing :-)

  4. Go live in France. Look around real good and you’ll find houses so cheap you will not believe it. Only trouble is:
    – You need to migrate (that in itself can be an expensive task, moving and adapting to a new country’s rulings, culture and language etc.)
    – You need to have jobs that enable living abroad.

  5. Dennis says:

    Mmmm I’m not the only one I see :-)
    Still looking. We take our time ..Lilian looks everyday for new houses .. but again and again: very expensive. So we decide: keep looking but wait for prices to drop, or earn more money.

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