My Little Precious


Today I received a Cobalt Qube 3 [sponsored by SUN MicroSystems NL)
It’s my little precious …

Work todo tonight.

4 thoughts on “My Little Precious

  1. Oke, thats a cool toy, but what are you planning to do with it? Host your own website? Host many websites with it? It’s an expensive toy, what the heck are you going to do with it???

  2. Dennis says:

    Simple usage
    Server as Gallery
    Server for Mail
    Server for mysql stuff
    Server for A weblog

    Julius: How do you install the CD?

  3. Julius says:

    boot a PC with the install-CD, be sure to use a 3com 9** network card in it and have it connected to NIC I on your Qube with a cross-cable.
    follow the instructions on your PC’s screen…

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