Uhm.. I am reading in a newsmessage (dutch) that the whole dutch KPN ADSL network does not work

It’s great to have KPN ADSL and having no problem even my provider is mentioning it at their newspage.
What are they talking about? Mmm my server is reachable still. As you can see, the image is showing traffic the whole night/morning.

Fingers crossed I will not be infected ;-)

Only some regions of Holland do have problems. (not my region).
They say, but not all people do have problems in those regions (sigh) ;-)

2 thoughts on “NO ADSL

  1. nicolas says:

    Well, I had major problems this morning. I was supposed to work from home, but without a network connection this not possible. So I went back to work. :(

  2. same here, but in my case the ‘storing’ is still not verholpen and has nothing to do with ADSL, but has everything to do with my phoneline being dead silent. my upstream is currently down to 32 kbps, and sometimes drops to 0 kbps, so I can barely connect to this site etc.

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