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As an ‘RSS & PING evangelist’ I write a lot about the same subject ;-)
Those things can happen.

I see that Roel is ‘pinging’ euro.weblogs.com now. He is using NUCLEUS.

Maybe it’s an idea for the european weblog developers like NUCLEUS & PIVOT

Only with direct support of the weblog software (ping enabled / implemented)
more and more European webloggers using this software will ping and use EURO.WEBLOGS.COM

5 thoughts on “About: euro.weblogs.com

  1. Bob says:

    but, pinging additional servers would not help, since the tools already pick up on the one that’s sent to weblogs.com. To me a region-based blogroll makes _much_ more sense than a region based ping.

    regardless, pivot’s next version _will_ have the ability to ping whatever a user wants, even though i don’t really see the added value ;-)

  2. Bob says:

    i’ve been pinging euro.weblogs.com with my pivot for a while, but i found it to be completely useless.

    pinging weblogs.com is usefuful, because then you get on weblogs changes.xml which are used by blogdex, blogrolling and such. what good does an additional ping to euro.weblogs.com do?

  3. Dennis says:

    It’s useless when nobody is using it.
    Of course blogdex and blogrolling are important, but euro.weblogs.com can be important if you want only to see weblogs from Europe..

    I do not request to stop pinging weblogs.com but I request the feature to ADD more servers for it so that euro.weblogs.com can be a success.

    So that in future a blogrolling or a blogdex can add this also ..

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