Amost nobody reads blogs anymore

* Evhead:
“Amost nobody reads blogs anymore,” says Marc Canter, “Everything comes in through RSS.” Actually, a tiny technical elite reads RSS. Everyone else reads on the web. Maybe that will change. I’m not sure.

* Mike Krus
That tiny technical elite uses a shitload of my bandwidth ;-)
“I don’t aggree though. RSS is out there, it’s being used for many various purposes. New RSS News Readers are poping out. Many of them do a great job at hidding the technicality of RSS…”

One thought on “Amost nobody reads blogs anymore

  1. bs says:

    sorry to say, but
    > Actually, a tiny technical elite reads RSS

    is bull. i know xml. i know rss. i *make* rdf/xml/rss scripts. but hell no am i “technical etilte” reading plain rss newsfeeds. and sorry to say, but reading plain rss feeds, doesnt make you “3lit3” too!

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