All Time Heroes

Just received a second PayPal donation !
All time heroes for AroundMyRoom appreciation are:

* Graythunder
* jl hinkle

The big thank you this time goes to: JL HINKLE !

Especially made for my donaters; a category ‘Donation‘ Webpage :-)

2 thoughts on “All Time Heroes

  1. Gray Thunder says:

    No problem Dennis, if that is what will keep the Weblog up and running.
    I find things :-) on here and so I just did it.

    Thank you,
    William Gray Thunder

    PS maybe I can get a weblog and just have a donate box??? hee hee :-)

  2. nervous says:

    thanx dennis

    I am always entertained, informed, and jus’ plain mystified with what you have going on. you have kept politics and trash out of your blog, and since i’ve been visiting(leeching?) it’s been a class act! thanx again.


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