ZeroDay: NewsFlash Update!

From the comments:

Be prepared that I am planning to release this weekend (fridaynight/saturday) 2 series !!!

Part 15 & 16 .. which will be removed saturday evening late ..

have fun ;-)

Psst: I’m thinking to setup a bittorrent experiment after I released all series

2 thoughts on “ZeroDay: NewsFlash Update!

  1. yogkarma says:

    need some tech stuff here. what hapen to p2p,straming , some goodies, some new web junki things

  2. Dennis says:

    To keep those things comming: I’ve to to also other things to get a fresh view again :-)
    So tech stuff surely comes back, but as I’m really busy the last week(s) .. this was the best way to waste my bandwidth ..

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