ZeroDay Message

Expect that the server will be down for a short period of time: re-wiring our local infrastructure @ home ..

One thought on “ZeroDay Message

  1. Luscia says:

    Dennis…Greetz from the USA, at the moment Im not to sure how proud I am to come from such a place with a government whose heads are so far up their arses…but anyway I do call it home and besides its policies… I do enjoy it here. I Have been to the NL twice, I have relatives who live in Nijmegen and love the culture and people. Anyway just wanted to say hello , I found your site by accident about 6 months or so ago in an internet search having to do with mixes because I collect live sets. Anyway love the site… and was introduced to the idea of weblogs through around my room (Good Start Eh!!:)) and have honestly not seen one that is better. You may have aspirations for better graphics but its the content that I go for. Great Pics, Info, Culture, and lots more. Well Done from Massachussetts …Cheers
    Austerblieft (Spelling? :P)

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