Request: Gateway Software

Does someone have a FREE linux ‘total’ solution available for
creating a ‘login’ page for wireless systems connecting to a network?

I’ve a Linux system with 2 network cards, they are both different configured and I need a way that when a wireless client is connected the client automatically gets the page where it’s welcomed and has to enter a username/password. After validation: total control of the network /internet

Psst. No-Cat did not work here ..


8 thoughts on “Request: Gateway Software

  1. I don’t think I get it… When the wireless client connects with (for example) putty, he gets a linux login, right? So you want to skip putty and make a connection through a webpage and make the webpage give you a network connection? Could be possible…

  2. dennis says:


    when a wireless client wants to WWW / Surf
    he needs FIRST to get a ‘LOGIN’ page so that I can verify it is a trusted wireless client, not a drive-by user ..

  3. If you’re looking for a system to limit access to your network I know of a HTTP-authenticator/MAC-address filtering setup used by coffee-houses. Unfortunately it’s $500 a pop. Short of that I think you’re left to manipulating your iptables manually.

  4. yogkarma says:

    try to use web server feature (apache, etc.) redirect to java servlet,perl and use soap to authenticate(if fierwall etc) on the other side of server.

  5. Dennis says:

    Time requirement?
    I’m looking in wireless hardware solution(s) (I’ve found one and will check if I can get a sample) and for software:

    There is not time requirement
    but should be working on a Qube3 :-)
    that’s my linux server

    But maybe my infrastructure is not totally correct

    Right now I’ve
    DSL modem–>DSL router–>Switch–>Qube & systems
    & I want the wireless clients not be able to surf without authentication

  6. yogkarma says:


    you want me to develop this type of interface.? yes I can do that. What is yout time requirment.

  7. yogkarma says:


    so flow will look like this

    Wireless–>router–>switch–>Qube3–>”AAA” and then let him/her surf the web or content.

    i assume Qube3 is running Apache, and we can set up for java or perl talking to Mysql/Oracle for Authentication.

    Is this something you are looking at..?

    The other option is if u can get IMSI or some Wireless ID we can use that one aginst the hardware and then from that lavel you can stat authenticating.

    or creating a virtual posrts for each mobile ID on Qube 3 ( i really don’t know how to do that but just thought , i think it might be a good idea to cret something like this which need some configuration at harware level)

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