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I’ve problems with my Nokia 3310 phone, so switching back to the golden Oldie: 6150 ..
Why: the battery has totally no power anymore and if there is power: after 1 conversation (call) the battery is empty.

Does anyone know when or where the: Sony Ericsson T610 is available?

No the P800 is no option as I do not like (or cannot handle) this phone/organizer .. too fragile for me.

6 thoughts on “GSM Phone

  1. nervous says:

    has the battery developed a “Memory”? Sometimes u can discharge them fully and they will come back.

  2. Dennis says:

    Done that.. took me more than 2 days to get that done .. than dialing: within 10 minutes: BOEM .. call disconnected.. No power .. Turning the phone back on: enough power again ..
    really strange.

  3. I am leeching around my room…hee hee
    Hey, I had 2 bad batteries that would not hold a charge if there life depened on it!
    If I am correct it was the TacStar phone.


  4. My 3310 has the same problem, so did the one of my sister, She got herself a new battery and that solved the problem. Phone about 2 years old?

  5. Misschien is het dan gewoon een feature?

    Die van mij is ook ongeveer 2 jaar oud en die van m’n zussie ook.

    Je zou natuurlijk ook kunnen zeggen dat die accu’s gewoon niet langer dan 2 jaar meegaan, wat ik dan wel weer slecht vind.

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