My Blogshares

Right now I’m into the top100 of players of Blogshares (yeah!!!)
My stock value lays around $3800 and I’m shareholder of the following weblogs
* Lazysheep
* Tikfout
* Deliriumia
* Private Ink
* KidV Times
* Aaron Swartz
* Newsgator News
* Maanisch
* Adam Curry
* Karma Universe
* Anita’s LOL
* LondonBlog
* Too Much News
* WiFi Networking News
* Skoop
* Gizmodo
* MijnKopThee
* SnazzyKat

Changes will be made. I will sell and buy and try to get more and more ‘virtual’ profit.
Pssst .. You still can buy stock of AroundMyRoom

3 thoughts on “My Blogshares

  1. Anonymous says:

    i am at 700 still not bad for a starter .. shlasdot made quite some profit for me …..

    good luck and hope to beat you


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