4 thoughts on “MT Blogshares plugin

  1. Gray Thunder says:

    OK..then I will just have to give up my arse about knowing computers.
    If I have what I call a “Photo Grabber” does that steal your bandwidth?
    I was told a question is never stupid if you don’t know it.
    I feel this is but I don’t want to steal bandwidth.

    William Gray Thunder

  2. Dennis says:

    If I’m correct you will not find any interesting stuff regarding images on this http://www.aroundmyroom.com server. (or you should have it already).

    Also I’ve protected remote retrieval through ‘mod_rewrite’ now

    The fact is that I’ve had the biggest traffic since the existing of AroundMyroom last month.
    About 12G where 5 is allowed..
    So the bill will be high again ..
    That’s why I am not posting images anymore here at this server and try to write impopular weblog entries :-) too much hits is not okay if you cannot afford it ..

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