The mash-up revolution

Combi-mixes, Mas-up’s, bastardpop: 2 songs mixed together.. Regarding some this was popular in the 80’s.
I can tell you: mixing was HOT and is Hot. The only problem is the music: House is not House anymore and Disco has become Trance. The 80’s revival is upraising.

So Mash-up Revolution? Bastard Pop? The problem is that they give it names we never heard before. What the hell is Old-Skool House if I still think: this is just ‘house’.. or a good song from the 80’s. Okay all those teenagers do not know better… Damn I getting old ..

Reading the Salon Article about the Mash-Up revolution we found some nice mixes: @ [enjoy or not]

my last entry of the JPL – Tone Loc Remix will fit perfectly in this concept

I’m not a DJ, but willing to produce ;-)

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