Private stuff

Hobbies !

From 1 hobby I made my work [that’s private]
My Other hobby is ‘music’ .. ‘mixes/remixes/megamixes/12″
and created the mixfreaks community. 750 freaks subscribed to the mailinglist I host/maintain.

Another hobby is evangelizing? RSS !! now in 2004 the ‘most important media’ (weblogs & newspapers) do implement RSS. My private hobby project: is doing great work: scraping sites without RSS feeds giving people the idea what the source could do. Slowly we see the media changing.

The Hype is over. RSS is there. Just use a description and title and you can attrack people to your site.

here you can find a dutch article about RSS in the newspaper (dutch) really nice to read.. especially cause my hobby project is mentioned.

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