MT, the saga continues

Uhmmm I think SpamAssassin swallowed an e-mail of SixApart/Movabletype, cause I suddenly get an e-mail about ‘beta-testing’ MT 3.0, a ‘Thank You’

So as Donater and Beta Tester I get next week a ‘discount code’

Also a ‘little’ reaction on all the feed back they received: changes in the licenses will be posted later today/tomorrow…

5 thoughts on “MT, the saga continues

  1. D says:

    I, too, received that email, which struck me as strange considering I was never selected as a beta tester. I have a feeling, though, that because of the way everything was handled, the revised licenses and/or pricing restructures will be too little too late.

  2. D says:

    … which seems lame when not everyone who signed up to test was actually selected. Surely they kept records of which people were chosen and actually evaluated the software. Why didn’t they just send the email to those people? I suppose it doesn’t matter, really. It just adds to the craziness of the past two days. :)

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