3 thoughts on “What’s wrong with this Tiesto Image (or not) …

  1. There’s nothing wrong with this picture. Yes, it’s clear that none of the three turntables have a record on ’em. But there’s an explanation: Tiësto is using a fourth item to play music with. And that’s a mixable cd-player. So, if you look close (and you have some knowledge of cd-mixers) then you’ll see that he actually has his right hand on top of the (possibly Pioneer) cd-mixer. The top of that specific player actually works like a record. You put the cd in and the disc on top can be manipulated as a record. That’s it. And know that a lot of the top dj’s at the moment get promotional cds from all over the world, simply ’cause it’s easier to burn your new track than to have it pressed on vinyl. Hence the fact that even Tiësto is using a cd-mixer on this very picture. That’s it.

  2. I thought: he is using a secret hidden MP3 player :-)

    I think his right hand is at the mixer, but if you look there you see 1 CDJ1000 with a green light running. Next to that: a CDJ1000 can play when it is put on it’s side ..

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