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This morning I noticed severe loads at my private server. What happened I thought. Then I saw in my mail a lot of trackback entries. Oh Oh .. Not good. This morning I noticed +100 TrackBack Spam messages as shown below.

[Hit the image to see more]

After removing all spam (simply banning the IP is a bug within MT as the script fails in my browser) I noticed a second spam run this afternoon (about 25 trackback spam hits).

Now, after a long time I can understand the words Bob wrote to me about not supporting TB receiving in Pivot.

Anyone hints and tips to solve this shit? (of course trackback is disabled now).

2 thoughts on “TrackBack Spam [uk]

  1. Dennis Slagers says:

    Problem Marcus: not ready for forthcomming 3.1 Movabletype .. and that one is due to be released today?
    But I saw it after written this entry.

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