The Google Adsense Stats

There is a number of people asking if Google-Adsense works. And if you can earn good money for it.

I’ve put 3 images for you in this weblog entry: the Hits, The Clicks and the Money of AroundMyRoom. The more hits, the more clicks the more money.
Sometimes people are experimenting (adwords) and you earn a lot of money during one day and you have no clue where it was from.

Stats for AroundMyRoom: we do not earn more than 2 or 3 bucks a day.
Why? Too much people do read rss/xml: Clicks on the mainpage are not as much as you would expect. Other Pages? yes, but as average clickratio is lower than 1% you need more hits to make more money.
I call my weblog an average weblog with average number of visitors a day. So are many webloggers earn a lot of money: no ..

All my pages and domains gave me about 400 dollar from day 1 I started using Adsense. Share this info and tell me your experience.

The PageViews [hit to enlarge]

The PageClicks [hit to enlarge]

The PageMoney [hit to enlarge]

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