transfer domain

Okay the story:

First tried to transfer from to (Gandi I use for years now and all my domains are registered there under 1 account

the transfer could not be processed as has a lock protection (a special lock protection) for domains which were bought via ‘NameWinner‘. Trying to unlock created a failure (a script failure). Contacting the support and mailing 3 times solved this issue.

Than trying again to unlock the domain succceeded through Gandi, but still there was a lock on the domain (so actually 2 domain locks). Finding this and removing this lock there was totally no response. After 2 days I finally got a message of dotster about the transfer, please please stay with us bla die bla and the only thing I had to do was wait.
After 5 days: the domainname was transfered to Gandi. Finally.
And I love this domain.

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