just a working day

yesterday, wake up 03.30, by car at 04.00 to Schiphol, arriving Schiphol 05.15, boarding 06.00, into the air 06.30, landing Barcelona 08.25, walking to train 8.35, taking train to work 9.01, changing train line 10 to line 1 (station Sants 9.35), taking wrong train direction 9.55, waiting for train to leave again 10.05, arriving station 10.15 start work. Leave office around 19.00 arriving hotel 19.15, walking to collegue/boss 19.45, going out to Champagneria, drinking 3 bottles cava, drinking vino (wine) at the best place in town (special wine bar) 22.15, going out for dinner nearby at cocina international 22.30, talking, drinking, talking walking back to hotel 00.45, arriving hotel 01.15 …..

next day

06.30 wake-up, 07.00 breakfast, 7.15 picked up by collegue/boss, 7.30 in the office, work, leave office for lunch 14.35, back to work 15.20, leave office again at 19.15, arriving hotel 19.30, drinking 2 beers at bar 20.00, going to room watch downloaded episode 4 of Heroes (WOW!) 21.00, be prepared to have be picked up at 21.45, Dinner at 22.00 back home in hotel ???? …

Live is beautiful. Oh b.t.w. today: RAIN, THUNDER, LIGHTNING in Barcelona ;-)

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