Busy with Header & Banner

Busy with the header and banner, yes things do not seem not to be okay yet, but I am working on it .. but first shopping .. laterrrr

Almost ready with the header css stuff. I think it is looking kewl now ..

Why was this update neccessary: better integration with phpads, google-ads and the admatch networks. And together with the yearmix of Dizzy DJ I succeeded to fix the problem(s) rather easily. More about Yearmixes 2006 here !


2 thoughts on “Busy with Header & Banner

  1. Hmmm, the search button should be placed behind the entry box, not beneath it.
    And the complete top half my screen is now filled with menu, header image and a large green bar. That means visitors always need to scroll if your post contains an image and/or a lot of text. If you’d place the google ads in the blue box next to the header image, you could get rid of the green bar.

  2. Yeah, maybe I will do that, the search button is indeed a mistake, but that is due to the fact that’s in the wrong div statement. I need to add a new statement so that the width is ok.

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