Busy with Header & Banner

Busy with the header and banner, yes things do not seem not to be okay yet, but I am working on it .. but first shopping .. laterrrr

Almost ready with the header css stuff. I think it is looking kewl now ..

Why was this update neccessary: better integration with phpads, google-ads and the admatch networks. And together with the yearmix of Dizzy DJ I succeeded to fix the problem(s) rather easily. More about Yearmixes 2006 here !


Looking for CSS Geeks

here is my CSS file and I have some troubles with my header imaging. I want to have the Google Ads with the light blue line on the bottom and than the image without the blue line above it. right now the Google Ad is a overlay on top of the Image. But in one way or the other my code is sucking :-( Making my own life difficult


AroundMyRoom’s Playground WordPress theme

Available to the public: my modified WordPress 2.0 theme based on the great Leia theme/

download here Version 1.0 of my Modified theme.

I am using the following plugins:

  • SiFR for the flashy Topic Title (CG FlashyTitles)
  • Lightbox 2.0 for the nice image popup
  • Smart Archives to have an archive page

There are some issues with the black box (comments/categories etc.) going through an image when it’s floating right. When the image is a the left, no problem. So help is appreciated. Download this theme. Kuddos to Leia.

Note: the CSS still contains portugese names, but the main info is translated into English.