LANDISK – RDC2882 – HTML Compile tool

After getting many requests to release the standard tool for creating a binary file for the HTML interface for RDC2882 chipset based lan devices: find the tool here. It is only to use and compile the HTML interface. Be aware that too big HTML files / images etc will certainly break your device.

When using above compile tool: use it at your own risk

Simple how-to: copy all files into the html folder and hit buildweb.bat a nasb.web file will be created. This you can upload into the landisk.

Some extra info: the RDC2882 chipset is a 16 bit NPU, it is running a simple 16 bit RTOS, and is compiled under Paradigm 6.0 16 bit. Altough we already know that there is some use of GPL software in it, there is no official statement of RDC yet. When there is more info about this I’ll publish it.

50 thoughts on “LANDISK – RDC2882 – HTML Compile tool

  1. od1sea says:

    good news Dennis.
    i will wait for RTOS software.

    two questions:
    1.- how i can upload nasb.web file?
    2.- do yo have the memory map of RDC2882 chipset devices?.

    Thx for your work

  2. rudku says:

    I have a LANDISK, which is based on RDC2882 chipset. I´m trying connect it with digital audio system SONOS. (Without success). The problem is in implementation of SMB in this LANDISK (such as other NAS enclosures too). The authentication method does not follow the Samba standard properly and therfore fails when the share is attempted to be added to Sonos. On LANDISK is possible create only password, not fully user/password such as required by SAMBA. I tested many firmwares from different manufacturers (LANDISK was working, but connection to SONOS no)…

    Basic question: Is it possible modify the firmware and repair this non-standard implementation of SMB?

  3. od1sea says:

    possible: yes

    but, we don’t have tools to made it.

    Authentication problem of Landisk with other devices is know.

  4. eric says:

    I have installed, the CHD3LAN into the network, all seems to be working fine. Now I want to copy vast amounts of data to the drive.

    During copying there is an error, cannot write to, V: (= the dirve), Remove the write protection. At the same time I get a message from Window, “lost connection to the networkdrive” Unable to restore connection…. Drive is also not reachable by the Shell, when trying to reach by internet explorer, “cannot find location”.

    I have to switch the drive of and on to get it working again, this can’t be right…….

    No such problem using it as a USB-device.

    On suggestion of Conceptronic, I reformatted the disk, updated to firmware nas46 loader 70. Resetted to fact. defaults etc.

    I say there is something wrong with the network connection of the drive.

    How can I solve this?


  5. first of all: do you transfer to V through a tool with mapped network or under XP ? do you use DHCP or fixed IP ? there are many things which cannot be determined by mail. I’ve not seen your behaviour on any of my disks. So yeah there could be something wrong with the network connection of the drive. But than I think it would be a bad component.

    What I see is that Conceptronic tried to do what they could do. They receive the firmware from RDC and use it on their hardware. So it can be your settings of your network or it can be the hardware.

    Try it on a neighbours network to see if same applies. Otherwise: concact dealer to have it checked there.

  6. Ray Arts says:


    I have a problem using Vista and CHD3LAN (Conceptronics). I changed the authentication method using secpol.msc
    using the NET USE command, I can connect to the device but as soon as I start browsing using the Explorer interface, the system hangs. Is there an firmware update which solves this ?

  7. Vista support is not ready until march / april as I heard from RDC
    RDC is first supporting / fixing the support for Vista with their new 2892 chipset. the 2882 chipset is scheduled later to be ready for Vista.

    Ive seen that for 1 customer RDC has released a firmware upgrade which is working under Vista.
    download basic46 and loader70 at your own risk.

    you can use this with your Conceptronic device.
    if you want your GUI back, just use mine.

  8. Sascha says:

    Hi @ all,

    i´ve found this nice site about the Lan-Disk and i´ve one question about the Webinterface of the disk.
    Is it possible to access the files of the disk through the
    webserver (download files from the disk via http)?

    Thanks in advance.


  9. I do not understand what you are asking sasha.

    if you mean that you can browse the /usr/www content (as example) than the answer is no. the sources are not directly available through the webinterface
    what is available is put into the /landisk section of aroundmyroom

  10. Sascha says:


    i want to download files from the landisk via http.
    Via ftp or samba works fine (from pc), but the webbrowser from my PSP (Playstation Portable) can only receive data via http and the Homebrew FTP Tools are all not so good for the console.

    The second thing is to lay my intranet html-files and pictures directly on the disk (to get rid of the small size in the eeprom) and access (read) them via http.

  11. there is no way to retrieve content from the HD through HTML interface.

    2nd issue is also a no go .. sorry you need a more advanced device to serve your needs.

  12. Sascha says:

    yes. It´s the best way. I´ve found the NSLU2 from Linksys and with a spindownable HDD over USB (Lan-Disk) is all what i want.
    Thank you for your answers.

  13. vroomfondel says:

    Thanks a lot for the tool and V47. I had to get rid of that silly woman on the background though :-)

  14. Kevin says:

    Dennis.. Thanks for such an informative site on this subject.. I have a ComGears unit using the RDC 2882-G chip the logic board says FT-35L Version:B on it..

    Can I use your firmware to update my unit?? I looked at the files you had on your site and the layout and options looked extremely similar..

    Also my unit says it will handel upto a 400 Gig drive.. does your firmware make this so I can put a larger drive in in like a 500 or 750 gig??

    Thanks .. Kevin

    PS.. Any Docs on your html/bin firmware compiler.. I would love to personalize mine..

  15. if you have firmware with NAS-BASIC32 / 36 etc. .than I think you can use it when using the tools.

    larger HDD’s can work but has nothing to do with the firmware on my site. The only difference I made / created was a simple HTML interface
    You only need the source HTML files and the compile tools, that’s it. the rest is your fun, all id’s codes are IN the HTML source

  16. Mark says:

    I also have the Comgears unit ( Venus FT-35L Ver. B. I get exactly the same problem as Ray Arts in Vista, I can connect to the device, browse it in DOS mode, but it hangs in Vista Explorer (Not responding). I checked the board and it IS based on the RDC 2882 chip. Does this mean this upgrade could fix it?

    Dennis, is there any way you could forward this message and my email address to Kevin, who posted on this board? He also has the same unit as me. I wonder if he tried it, and if it worked.

  17. Mark says:

    Update: I just tried the v47 loader 69 version referenced to by Ray Arts from the site, on my Comgears RDC2882. It is a February 2007 update. It worked flawlessly, and the problems I have been trying to solve with Vista have been solved. This is after 9 hours of work straight – from 6 PM when I got home from work with my product, and 4 AM now. I am going to write the manufacturer to let them know this version works with Vista – and if you could forward this info to that other guy with the ComGears box – Kevin – in email – he could probably use it too. Hopefully all these hours of work will benefit more people than just me.

    Thanks for your work, as well as everyone else’s investigation.

    Now… I wonder if even more up to date versions will work. I’m going to leave it alone for now to see if I hear back from the manufacturer. What is this about loader 70 versions? Will those work with my NAS too if it is a RDC2882, or am I limited to anything with loader 69, since that is what mine came with?

    If I try other versions, now that I know the one from works, would I be able to revert back to it with the utility Dennis, or would I end up with a brick?

    Mark – Toronto, Canada

  18. some versions of RDC have been made for some special vendor(s) of RDC. However RDC has low prio on 2882, and higher prio to 2891 chipset.
    you can do whatever you want with the firmware version you want, if you break it you always need a tftp tool (or utility) to upgrade it to or something like that (just awake)

  19. kmf says:

    Hi Dennis.

    I have just got an unbranded NAS box going and I’ve seen none of the problems others have, but I have one all of my own.

    At a command prompt, if I do DIR *.* it shows all files ok, but if I use a filtered wildcard specification (e.g. DIR *.exe) it *NEVER* lists any files. Can also show this problem using ‘DIR’ and a space then hit TAB to suggest filenames. Works fine if nothing specified to start with (will toggle through all files) but never finds any, just beeps, if I specify any character (DIR a etc).

    This causes my email app to not find any mail folders, etc, so I can’t use the drive as my mail store. :-(

    Ever seen this? Any way of reporting this as a bug to ‘RDC’? My box is running fw 45/69.

    Many thanks – Ken F.

  20. kmf says:

    forgot to add: PC is using XP Pro SP2. I can access the NAS box from my Linux (Suse 10.1) box ok also, but haven’t figured how to get to it from a command-prompt yet to try the same test.

  21. Ian says:

    I have the Lan-Disk bought from Maplins.. I have had the Pleides firmware and now the NAS-BASIC47, Loader 70, in an effort to get it working with Vista again. It was working, but after some kind of Auto update form MS I am no longer able to see the disk via any method. Still works through the XP box……
    If I try to set up a connection, I get the following error.

    \\ is not set up to establish a connection on port “File and printer sharing (SMB)” with this computer.

    Any ideas?..

  22. Stanley says:

    Hi Dennis,

    I tried to setup mine to work as a FTP server, however, i can not create user at all —> ‘Action Failed! General Error’

    I have also tried the SMB, the folder list show my harddisk ‘IDE[0] Slave, Model=[Maxtor] !’ and I can not create other’s folder list.

    What can I do, Please help, thousand thanks.

  23. Tono says:

    I have CHD3LAN intalled; but when I need to use the disk as ftp server; its no function.

    By example I try to make backup with NTI Backup Now!! and NO function. And I try to access the CHD3LAN disk with Smart FTP and NO function.

    Please help me.

  24. Stanley – you need to set the disk to master to make this unit happy – then at least it works well with USB and LAN. I had problems with mine till then. There is a really good link on with lots of hints. FTP does work, but you need to enable it, and to add a new user and then modify the user to have a name and password. It don’t work without a new FTP user.

  25. David says:


    I have a RDC2882G based device like LD1 from “A-Link” ( and I have had to modify it to put the fan directly to the RDC2882. Quickly it was warmed up and it did not work the ethernet connection. Now works fine.

    In other way, I have been able to connect it to a DBox2 successfully, mounting it as FTPFS without problems from the network menu of the DBox2. It gives the right speed to record, but it does.


  26. Joachim F. Wottitz says:

    Hi Dennis!

    A simple question:I use the version: NAS-BASICA 47, Loader 69, every seems OK, but the Clock from the Date/Time-Window doe´s not
    work? Just when I change from one to an other menupoint and come
    back, the Time Display show the correct Time. As long as I stay,
    on this ” Status ” Site, the Clock doe´s not look working?
    What can I do to solve this problem? Can I install a batch.file or
    you know an better way? Maybe a better Version for my LAN Disk?
    Thank you very much and best regards!
    Joachim F. Wottitz

    PS: I connected the program with an Atomic-Clock, but the program
    ignore it. It´s could be enough, if the Clock could takes
    the Time from my PC, because my Computer is also connected
    with an Atomic-Clock via Internet.

  27. Joachim F. Wottitz says:

    If you can tell me a solution, I would be very glad!
    Best regards
    Joachim F. Wottitz

  28. John says:

    I have one of these from Maplin. The usb works now I’ve changed the jumper, web access to admin pages works, ftp access is fine but not really what I want. When I try to map the smb \\storage\public drive it asks me for a user id and password and whatever I try it rejects it. I’ve tried admin, landisk, netdisk, guest, anonymous etc etc. I have seen other people with this problem but no-one has posted a reply that works. Many thanks in advance.

  29. Frank says:

    As a reply to the comment from Eric dated Saturday 24 February 2007 at 12:46 am I can add the following I received from Conceptronic just today (I had the same problems Eric described):

    We are sorry to inform you that the issue with “path is too deep” is know and submitted to RDC, all RDC based devices suffer from this problem and we are awaiting a solution.

    It seems that there are issues with the copying of files to the LANDISK. I hope they solve the issue, since this is not what I have bought the system for…

  30. Richard says:

    I am seeing the exact same problem as John reported – how do I set a user name for the SMB share? The landisk refuses any username/password when attempting to access from Windows via SMB.

  31. Micha says:

    Ive got a problem with the speed of the nas. I want to upload some things to the network storage but the speed is only max 20kb/s.

    Did i configure something wrong? (Network speed = 10MBit/s)

  32. Joey says:

    Don’t u use the hostname of the landisk as the username? e.g STORAGE-4C1A
    and the password is the one you set for the folder.
    If your using Vista you will need to set SMB to use NTLM not NTLMv2 or you can upgrade the firmware to nas-basic48

    btw i have modified the web gui, and it works

  33. Momo says:

    Hi Dennis
    Do you know where I can get a firmware for a 2892 based landrive ?
    Mine works fine but when it goes into standby – after resuming the drive is unusable and needs to be rebooted before it can be used again .. which basically means the standby feature is totally useless at is.

  34. Momo says:

    How can I make an image are there any tools ?

    I have about 100 of these drives (I sell them) .. and they are usless at the moment without the styandby resume..

    I just destroyed one by applying the 2891 firmware you have on your site so If there is a way of making an image from one of the working one I’ll at least get the bricked one to work again.

  35. Momo, extracting the bin files is a no go area ..
    you can have the bootloader, the kernel and the web part, but only the web part can be edited. Bootloader and webpart: no

  36. Simon says:

    Not thinking of releasing the “source” of your .web file? Would have been nice to work from, bit cleaner than the original.

    Currently working on an “ajax” enabled version, and I don’t really like some of the vars from the cgi files… do you know if there is ANY way of getting the source/updating these CGI files?

    Only option I can think of for now is to manually parse certain results myself.

  37. Simon says:

    Okay my bad I think, I was talking about the “ViperNAS”, which I am now not sure if it is yours, but you have a copy of it (the .web though) on your server.

    Any idea on the CGI files?

  38. Jean says:

    Hi all,

    I am a long time follower of this pages : I upgraded many LANDisk servers using the tricks I have found here.

    I am now trying to work on another little box based on a RDC2882 NPU used to be a print-server. I would like to try to add some tools in the firmware in order to add the “USP over IP” capability to the device, but I cannot extract more than two binary files from the firmware files (One file seems to be used to upgrade the firmware and the other file seems to be the firmware itself …).

    Is there a way to create a customized “root file-system” containing the requested binaries ? Can we really speak about a true “file system” on such a device ? Does maybe other projects related to hacking SoC RDC NPU exist ?

    Many thanks in advance for any reply to my post,
    Best regards,
    Jean – S

  39. Jean,

    as far as I know there is no sourcecode available for the rdc2882 (even RDC does not really exist anymore)
    I have never seen any ‘compile’ options available where you can add features to the base, only HTML is possible
    I do not recall the name of the OS they call it, but its not Linux ..
    Sorry no further help from my part.

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