Landisk firmware upgrade

New firmware upgrade: NAS-BASIC47-B4

New beta firmware released by RDC. I’ve uploaded it into my landisk section. There are no release notes but you can use your LANDISK with VISTA now. One issue remains: passwords on folders do not work when trying to access through Vista

Release notes for the 47-B4

  • Big Memory not return (dlink switch loopback)
  • Office 2007 access stoage (excel, powerpoint etc.) garbage temp files will be saved
  • scandisk web page auto refresh (probably not implemented in my html stuff)
  • Show mac address in status screen

64 thoughts on “Landisk firmware upgrade

  1. R.Wieser says:

    Robert said:

    Thats funny (or not) : that is exactly why I’m now searching my head off to find a solution for. If someone knows an answer to it I would sure like to know (the help-desk of company that made the drive, SiteCom, gave me a brush-off.)

    Another question : I’ve been looking into the firmware-packages, and noticed that the kernel as well as the html-parts are simply G-Zipped files. But the actual v48 kernel.bin file is preceeded by the text “RDC Semiconductor co., Ltd.” a number of spaces, the word “KERNEL” and than a few other bytes. I would like to know what those bytes mean (the second dword there seems to be the length of the file in big-endian).

    Allso : are there sources to those firmware-versions available ? And how about tools for them (the 2882 uses a different segment-size than a regular x86 processor, which makes my regular tools pretty-much worthless) ? Compilers ? Disassemblers ? Anything ?

    And more : Anyone knows what the available memory for the kernel is, and what its fixed adresses are (the entry-address) ?

    And yes, the above means that if I can’t find an answer to that w98se problem I’m going to try to create one myself. :-)

  2. You are totally right with the Win98 issue. I will check tomorrow if it can be solved within the 2882 tree, but I think RDC is reluctant to solve as ALL factories do share same source only difference is GUI ..

    I have some sources avail, but it’s a no go for public and afaik is it not for 2882 but 2891 chipset (successor of 2882)

    Also it seems that RDC has made his network part a spin-off as independant company where engineers of the company have 50% of the shares where RDC has the rest ..

    My 2cents: abandon the 2882 chipset and go for the 2891 or any other successor available on the market (there are RDC chipset 3x which are running embedded Linux. A better change than the OS the 2882 or 2891 has.

  3. Copa says:

    Hi R. Wieser,
    for the adressing questions: Maybe Xavier Abella (od1sea) can help.
    He’s the author of the advanced unbrick-tutorialy. you know?

    For the 2891 sources have a look on dennis folder (ups!?)
    But I suspect they really dont fit on 2882 :-(

    BTW: I’m now using the Ver48B6 (from the pleiades) on my Fantec for a while.

    Its still not perfect firmware.
    (sometimes I see a file twice in the same folder…)

    I asked once at RDC for GPL version of 2882 sources, I received this response:

    Hi, Dear sir:
    That is customer specific! But I do know my customer does issue the code under GPL, you can contact with your device provider!
    The compiler is comes from Paradigm, you can buy it from Paradigm.
    Alex Lin

    …I have no idea WHICH customer he means.

  4. R.Wieser says:

    Hello Copa,

    I allready downloaded and looked at that unbrick-tutorial you mentioned. But I’m a bit unsure about the suggestion to just connect that address line to VDD : if the controller tries to pull it down it could easily destroy its output-port (I’ve got a background in electronics as wel as programming).

    Another thing is that I do not quite understand how it should than go into a fail-safe (emergency) updater code. The “unbrick” tut seems to indicate that by that trick the origional loader gets executed (which, as far as I can see, allways gets executed after powering-up the device. To me it looks like a problem of starting the tftp transfer at the right moment). But what now if its exactly that loader that has become damaged ?

    And I allso allready found those 2891 sources, but thank you anyway :-)

    As for that response ? Its pretty-much the same I got. They could not even send me a bit more detailed spec about the chipset itself (the hardware). That allso means that I have no idea what all the “out” and “in” instructions in the code are doing/are for. :-\

    If you have any idea where I could become them (the hardware specs) I would be gratefull.

  5. R.Wieser says:

    Does someone know what the (maximum) current is that I’m allowed to pull outof an r2882’s rs232 TX pin ?

    I’m thinking of using two PC 817 opto-couplers to connect to the controller (one out, one in, a perfect protection), and would need about 2 to 3 mA to feed the led. But as I have absolutily no specs to the controller I’m not even sure it can handle that …

  6. Pete Cowley says:


    I have a Pleiades LanDisk (MP-LNHUB3RG 125m model). I have had it for a year or two and every so often it just hangs. It still has it’s original firmware version as-basic29-00-2005-10-3 and I finally managed to track down the latest firmware version (v48b6) and latest loader (125M-V69) from MacPower. From all accounts this is likely to fix several issues on this device so I am keen to do an upgrade.

    The problem is I can’t upgrade the firmware. I use the web interface, point it to the .bin file – it looks like it is doing somethning and then says the connection has been reset. A reboot shows the version has not changed. I cannot upgrade the loader either – same issue.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    I am running Xandros Linux and accessing the unit via SMB & webinterface over the


  7. ric harris says:

    I’ve got a Pleiades Lan disk too, and it’s cack under Vista. Under OS X the 10.5.3 update got it working. Does your firmware work on this unit? Is it a generic chipset in the Pleiades and lots of other NAS enclosures?

  8. ric harris says:

    damn, you’re quick! have just upgraded to latest “official” firmware, and bugger me but it seems to have fixed what assumed was a major bug in Vista’s SMB client! woohoo! will check yours to see if it’s even better. have you got a list of what theee ones on the FTP site add over the official ones? cheers!

  9. Mark says:

    Hi, there.
    Ive got one of these unbranded landisks that has been running on lan-basic-47-b1 loader69 without problems for the last 8 months, now all of a sudden when i try to stream music or video from the drive it freezes every few seconds. Ive tried updating the firmware to B4 but it didnt make any difference.

    Ive been trying it on a Vista PC, an XP laptop and the latest version of XBMC (the main use for the landisk). It seems to have the same problem on all 3.

    Any ideas what would cause it? Any know issues with the Ethernet port slowely dying?

  10. Darren says:

    Many thanks for this. Until I loaded this firmware I was unable to access my Landisk from the Vista machines on my home network. Now i can. Thanks once again.

  11. Keith says:

    You may find this web page of interest.

    I have a V-Gear landisk, and have put the Vantec NAS-BASIC49 firmware on my unit & two others, and it seems to work well, even with Vista.
    This is obviously done at your own risk, but I hope that it’s helpful to someone.

    The person that’s using the drive for Acronis, one of the options when doing a backup, is to file split, and I use a file size of 1.45Gb (just type it in the box, acronis accepts it), as this overcomes the FAT32 file size limit, and then if needed, 3 files exactly fit on a DVD.

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